Winners like Beezie Madden Know Hyaluronex Works!

Beezie Madden

“When I find a product that works like Hyaluronex, I use it.”

- Beezie Madden, U.S Gold Medalist

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Glucosamine Obsolete?

A recent study funded by the National Institutes of Health concluded that glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate were no more effective than sugar pills at slowing cartilage loss in arthritis.

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The Importance of Hyaluronan

Hyaluronan is found naturally throughout the body with high concentrations in synovial fluid and cartilage. It plays vital roles in all the body’s tissues and fluids, including shock absorption and lubrication within joints.

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Liquid Hyaluronan Works Better
than Powder and Pellets

Hyaluronex® with MHB3® Hyaluronan has been specially formulated as a liquid to maximize efficacy. Powder and pellet forms of hyaluronan joint supplements are less effective.

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